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"A couple of years ago I popped into one of my favorite Nashville cafés and ordered a beverage that I’ve since concluded might be the perfect iced coffee: the Matchless Coffee Soda. It was bright, effervescent, slightly sweet, and refreshing. I caught up with Matchless Coffee Soda’s inventor, Nathanael Mehrens, as he prepares to launch a Kickstarter campaign to take his coffee soda to the masses." - Michael, Coffee Compass, July 27, 2017

The Nashville Scene

"Matchless Coffee Soda is one of the best coffee drinks in Nashville — I even said so back in the Scene's 2015 Best of Nashville issue. My feelings haven't changed. It's the perfect drink — bubbly and refreshing, with a strong but not bitter coffee flavor and a pucker from a bit of citric acid." - Megan Selling, The Nashville Scene, July 27, 2017

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If you’re in Nashville, Tennessee, Matchless Coffee Soda, which claims it is “best served over ice with an expressed citrus peel,” is getting lots of props — and is also working toward broader availability.

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"Cold coffee takes on a whole new meaning at Crema, where head barista Nathanael Mehrens masterminded an über-refreshing coffee soda. Brewing seasonal, house-roasted beans via Chemex, then sweetening the coffee with a demerara-citric acid syrup, charging it all with CO2 and garnishing each glass with orange, Crema’s coffee soda offers a cool option among the city’s growing coffee scene. "

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"When I first heard about Crema’s coffee soda, I was not sold, but it’s awesome. It’s a cold, carbonated coffee drink that’s subtly flavored with orange: slightly sweet and so refreshing." - Erik Anderson, an F&W Best New Chef 2012 and co-chef at Nashville's hottest new restaurant, The Catbird Seat

The Nashville Scene

"But one coffee soda is worthy of being deemed “best” — Steadfast Coffee in Germantown has perfected the drink, delivering a sweet and smooth carbonated cup of iced coffee that’s served with a large strip of fresh orange peel for an extra citrus punch." 

Best Coffee Drink Steadfast Coffee’s Coffee SodaBy MEGAN SELING 


"Steadfast is the newest trendy Nashville coffee shop that has established itself in Germantown. It serves traditional espresso and drip coffees as well as iced coffee that’s brewed traditionally (hot) and then flash-chilled to preserve the delicious flavors. But our all-time favorite drink on the menu: Matchless Coffee Soda. Yup, coffee + soda. It's actually good, and even better in the heat."




"After a year of development, the shop’s coffee soda is set to strike out on its own as “Matchless Coffee Soda.” The fizz is popular enough that Steadfast has partnered with local brewer Fat Bottom Brewery, where 450-gallon batches of coffee soda can be made." 

-Steadfast Coffee Nashville: Serious Food, Big Plans


Daily Coffee News by roast Magazine

"The Germantown cafe, still in a soft opening phase following a complex buildout, includes a Modbar setup for espresso with batch filter coffee brews and numerous experimental coffee drink options, including a “flash-chilled” cold brew alternative, and a Matchless coffee soda with carbonated coffee, demerara sugar and a touch of citric acid. (The Matchless drink will be available in cans later this year, the Steadfast team said.)" 

-Flash-Chilling, Seasonal Cuisine and Roasting (Soon) at Nashville’s Steadfast Coffee Nick Brown | July 13, 2015