Where Does Matchless Source Their Coffee?


Matchless Coffee Soda™ is mostly coffee so we take steps to ensure it's delicious!

Watch Nathanael Mehrens, creator of Matchless Coffee Soda™, talk to Dustin Thomas, Head Roaster of Steadfast Coffee about how Matchless Coffee Soda™ sources their coffee used as the foundation of the beverage. We buy all of our coffee from Steadfast and work closely with them to ensure we are upholding the highest standards when it comes to sourcing. Nothing better than working with knowledgeable and cool people! 

Our philosophy, when making coffee soda, is to get out of the way and let the coffee shine. That's why we use minimal, high-quality ingredients and why our brewing method is so fundamentally important. When choosing a blend for Matchless, we cup lots of blind samples looking for consistently clean and sweet coffees with complex flavors. Much like an espresso blend, we typically use a coffee as a base that is rich and deep mixed with a lighter more fruit-forward coffee to bring it into balance. Previously, this was accomplished with the Finca La Bolsa from Guatemala that made up 60% of our blend with the other 40% consisting of the beautiful fruity Tanzania Tarime which accentuates and plays up the juicy and mouthwatering nature of the soda. 

For current blend information, please check out our product page